Good Will Hunting

In Movie Reviews, Uncategorized on June 28, 2010 at 1:07 am

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won an Oscar for their script about friendship and risk for this film directed by Gus Van Sant. With an abuse-filled past and a janitorial job, Will Hunting (Damon) spends his days hanging out with best friend Chuckie Sullivan (Affleck). But the aimless young man’s also a mathematical genius, and when his talents are discovered, a therapist (Robin Williams) helps Will confront the demons that have been holding him back.

You hear the term “holds up” when speaking about movies a lot. Certain films will hold up well or don’t hold up well as time goes by. What this means is do you still have the same strong like for the movie now that you did the first time you saw it.

To me Good Will Hunting is the prime example of a movie that holds up extremely well. The reason is because the themes that run through the film (self discovery, loss, redemption) are not specific to one time. Everyone can identify with the Matt Damon character. Some so trapped in his own inner demons that he can not see the way out. Someone who has friends around him who want to see him escape from his own prison, but he can not see why he should.

It is amazing when you think about how this movie got made. Damon and Affleck were then still relatively unknown. This was the pre-Bourne days for Damon and the pre-Garner days for Affleck. They were Boston boys writing about their hometown. And you can feel their knowledge of the town in the script. From the heavy Southie accents to the Harvard campus being used a character itself. the film just screams New England.

The supporting cast is strong, one of the strongest I can remember seeing in a movie (except for Minnie Driver, who honestly has to be one of the worst actresses ever to be onscreen outside of Natalie Portman). But as strong as the supporting cast is, this movie belongs to Damon and Williams. You could just make a montage of their scenes together and it wold far and way exceed any movie made in the last 10 years.

A very strong 4 out of 5 (would be a 4.5 if not for Driver)


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