The A Team

In Movie Reviews on June 28, 2010 at 3:30 am

There are two different ways you can approach this film. The first it to sit back and pick apart it’s flaws. You can go down the road of how insanely unbelievable many of the action set pieces and stunts are. You can talk about how Jessica Biel’s character is close to as useless of a movie character that has ever been onscreen. You talk about how the camera work is so choppy in some scenes, you have no idea who is fighting who. And you can say that the ending is so over the top that you just want to roll your eyes and scream “oh come on!!”.

If you were to say any of the above, you would be perfectly justified. But you would also not be the target market for this movie, because you would only be showing you never watched the show. Because the original A Team series is all the things I just described and more.

You see, this movie is meant to be watched a completely different way. It is made to be watched with a relaxed eye and mind when it comes to movies. This film is completely built around one word and one word only: FUN. The movie is not designed to draw out some deep emotion from you. It is not meant be some political statement on anything and it is not meant to make you want to go out and change the world. The filmmaker set out with one goal in mind when making this movie: we are going to blow up as much stuff as possible and have a damn fun time doing it!

If you can not get on board with this idea, then you better stay home. If you want to see Oscar worthy performances and writing, stay home. This movie is for the person who just wants to sit in a theater for 2 hours and turn their mind off and have fun. And on that level, it is a masterpiece, because if you can not step out of the theater and the first thing you say is “man was that fun to watch”, you completely missed the point of the film.

A very strong 4 out of 5 stars based on the intent of what the movie set out to do.


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