The Dark Knight

In Movie Reviews on June 28, 2010 at 9:59 am

(this is my original review from Yahoo the day after the movie opened)

Man, how I wanted to see this so bad. I really don’t head to the theater too much (thank you Netflix!), but trekked out to the theater and sat in the packed, sold out theater. An hour in, I was ready to fall aspleep, and not because I was tired.

The story is just totally and completely non-existent. I am talking none, zero.

The acting is average at best. Everyone praising Heath Ledger is simply not wanting to speak bad about someone who passed away. How Maggie Gyllenhaal continues to get work is beyond me. Aaron Eckhart is completely wasted, and Christian Bale (who I loved as in Batman Begins) takes a huge step down.

Most disappointing to me was the direction. Christopher Nolan, who directed one of my favorite films of the last 10 years (The Prestige), can’t decide if he wants to make an action film or a drama, and ends up just making a film with no clear direction at all.

Yes, the visuals are stunning in the movie, and the action scenes are first rate. And I guess that it is why it i getting such great reviews, because we live in an MTV society which wants everything in your face and pounded over your head instead having to be made to pay attention to things like character development and plot.

My advice to you all: skip this one and wait for the dvd.


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