The Paper Chase

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Hart (Timothy Bottoms) is a Harvard Law School freshman struggling to get by even as he falls in love with the daughter (Lindsay Wagner) of a tyrannical professor (John Houseman, in an Oscar-winning performance). Based on the novel by John Jay Osborn Jr., this 1973 drama — whose success inspired a TV series — accurately depicts a world of high pressure and brutal competition, where top grades seem like the difference between life and death.

This was a suggestion from my mom. She kind of knows my likes and dislikes in movies and told me about the TV series of this (which for some reason, only season 2 is available through Netflix of the TV show).

I was looking forward to seeing this film when I read the description of it, because I love law themed material. I was not disappointed.

This movie puts you right into the world of being a law student at Harvard. If you remember the 1989 film “Gross Anatomy” and how it portrayed medical school, you get the same feel about law school in this one.

The Paper Chase is one of those movies where not a lot happens, but you are still completely entertained watching it. The script is first rate, and John Houseman is outstanding as the demanding professor. His character is the model in which almost every other professor portrayed on TV and in the movies.

There are a few things that are predictable in the film (you have the “I know more than everyone else” student, the student who is just a little bit less smart than the others and seems to drag the group down, and the care free student), but it works here. Yes, you know they are stereotypes, but the acting and writing is so well done, you don’t really care.

This is one of those movies that is good to just pop into your player on a weeknight and just enjoy. Lord knows it is better than anything on network television nowadays!

3.5 out of 5 stars.


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