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In Los Angeles’ raging skateboarding scene of the mid-1980s, Corey Webster (Josh Brolin), the preppie ringleader of a skateboarding dynasty, falls in love with the sister (Pamela Gidley) of Tommy Hook (Robert Rusler), the punk leader of a rival gang. The forbidden romance flowers as the two gangs train for a grueling, 20-mile, downhill race — with corporate sponsorship as the reward for whichever team can thrash its way to victory.

One hot girl. Check! One outsider to the locals. Check! A family member that does not approve. Check! A group of misfit friends who help the outsider get even. Check! Cheesy music montages used as a story device. Check!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the quintessential formula 80s movie. The problem is, this one is just done so badly, you can not even call it a “good” bad movie. First off, I seriously do not remember skateboarders traveling around the streets like a motorcycle gang. And I know I never saw one person on a skateboard put makeup on, looking like a wanna be member of KISS, to go “joust” with a rival gang. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for the things wrong in this film. Let’s take a quick recap:

– Josh Brolin’s character skateboards across the country with just $30 in his pocket.
– The “gang” is called the Daggers and the leader of this gang is called “Hook”. Really? I mean how cheesy can you get.
– The leader of said gangs’ biggest concern in life it what earring to wear to the club.
– The sister of this guy shows up to the club in a bad prom dress, while everyone else around her is wearing ripped up jean jackets. Meanwhile, the “misfits” group shows up wearing clothes straight out of an American Eagle catalog. Yet no one seems out of place. To make the wardrobe choices even worse, the leader of the gangs girlfriend is dressed like a Grease cast extra reject.
– The Daggers live in a big house, drive cars and have all kinds of gadgets, but no one seems to work. ever. Same can be said of the misfits group.
– Apparently the easiest way to outrun a bunch of people chasing you on skateboards is to ride into a parking garage and skate UP to the very top of it. Yeah, that makes sense.

Oh I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Now I thought maybe, just maybe, there would be some redeeming value in the skating scenes. Boy was I wrong. Everyone single one of these scenes in nothing but horribly stage close ups backed by B-grade keyboard music.

The director could not even get the cameo by The Red Hot Chili Peppers right, as Another Kedis’ mouth is completely out of sync with the soundtrack playing.

There is absolutely not one good thing to say about this movie, and I could not even recommend it to the most die hard “bad” movie fans out there.

For the first time ever, 0 out of 5 stars.


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