Fall TV Season: My Rankings

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2010 at 10:38 am

Well, I have made it through all the new shows on the 4 networks, and here are my rankings, from least favorite to most favorite, then my rankings for my top 10 favorite returning shows:

18. Raising Hope (the only new show I could not even make an entire episode through)

17. Undercovers (just a horribly written and acted show)

16. Mike and Molly (will make it through the season just because of it’s time slot, any other night and this thing would have already been canceled)

15. Running Wilde

14. My Generation

13. —- My Dad Says (without Shatner this show would be unwatchable, it is barely watchable with him)

12. Lone Star (slow and boring, perfectly understandable why it was the first show canceled)

11. Better With You

10. Outsourced (this show it a one trick pony that is going to wear old real fast)

9. Law and Order: LA (liked Skeet Ulrich and a stong premier, but not sure if they will be able to keep it interesting enough to watch every week)

8. Chase (completely entertainment fluff, but very enjoyable)

7. The Event (could turn boring very quickly if they don’t watch out)

6. The Whole Truth (two of my favorite TV actors share great chemistry onscreen, unfortunately, it is extremely ratings challenged and looks to be on the way out)

5. Outlaw (Jimmy Smitts is excellent as Supreme Court Justice turned lawyer, but ratings seem to not be on this show’s side)

4. No Ordinary Family (very strong permier and stellar cast should keep this top notch drama around for a while)

3. Hawaii Five-0 (Finally a decent vehicle for Alex O’Laughlin to shine in)

2. Blue Bloods (outstanding cast and exceptional writing make this show a must watch)

1. Detroit 187 (you flat out will not find a better police show on TV)

Top 10 returning shows:

10. The Mentalist (off to a very slow start this season, but still a must watch each week)

9. The Good Wife

8. Castle

7. The Big Bang Theory

6. Survivor

5. The Office (finally realized it is not the Michael Scott show and have gone back to the model that made the first 2 seasons so funny)

4. The Amazing Race (the watermelon in the face in the first episode could not have gotten the show off better, lol)

3. 30 Rock (there are so many one liners in every episode that are hysterical, it is just downright scary)

2. Law and Order SVU (the season was kicked off with perhaps 3 of the most chilling episodes in the 12 years the show has been on)

1. Parenthood (there is no show on tv that is better written, directed and acted)


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