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2010 In Review: CDs

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Just as was with my favorite songs of the year, this list reflects the full cds I have enjoyed throughout 2010. For a disc to really even be considered for my year end list, it has to consistent front to back, meaning I can sit down and listen to it without having to skip any songs.

10. Good Charlotte Cardiology The disc that was almost 2 years in the making was well worth the wait. Although it sometimes leans a little more to the pop side than I would like, still a solid output from the Waldorf MD natives.

9. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Mojo – There is no better joy than to listen to a master of their craft at work. This disc is a perfect example.

8. Newsboys Born Again – I was very leary of Michael Tait taking over the lead of this group. I don’t know why I was worried, after hearing this disc, I am sort of glad no dcTalk reunion is in the future (though I would still like to see it happen!)

7. Jealousy Curve Marionettes – A fitting going away present to all the loyals fand of this Philly group, who is the best live band I have ever seen onstage in my life.

6. Sister Hazel Heartland Highway – All their do it write and play great songs, over and over and over again.

5. Kenny Chesney Hemingway’s Whiskey – The best pure country disc of the year.

4. Slash (self titled) – Dear Mr. Axl Rose – this is how you make a good disc in under 10 years. Slash, forget the supergroups and just stick to making this kind of music.

3. Kid Rock Born Free – This disc can not be put into any genre, except one: good quality music. Am so glad Mr. Rock has finally abandonned his rapping altogether.

2. Taylor Swift Speak Now – First, let’s get one thing straight: this is not a country disc! It is pure pop through and through. But it is a strong pop disc, with so many well written and recorded songs it is hard to pick just one favorite from it.

and my CD of the year:

1. Coheed and Cambria Year of the Black Rainbow – When I first got this disc all the way back in March, I thought to myself “Finally, rock is back!”. I can honestly say there has not been one week since putting this on my Zune that I have not listened to the entire disc front to back. A true rock masterpiece.


2010 In Review: My Favorite Songs

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I have been doing these year end type charts in one form or another for quite some time now. The original version was done as a company newsletter back in 2000, and it evolved into a podcast for a couple of years, and from here on out it will most likely be in a blog format. This reason I am saying this is because I can not remember a year since I started doing this that I was so disappointed with the rock genre. They was not one great rock songs this year. Not one.

Now, before you start the “oh come on Patrick, my second counsins brother has a great band you need to hear” stuff, understand one thing: I listen to A LOT of music throughout the year. Every week, we receive a disc which has anywhere between 50-70 songs on it for the company, and every single one of those songs is listened too. Then, I get recommendations all the time from Facebook and Twitter friends of “check this band or artist out”, which I will do. Finally, thanks to my Zune Marketplace Pass, I am able to listen to pretty much every disc that comes out each week. So as you can see, I do listen to a lot of music.

However, I listen to music to be entertained and as a form of enjoyment. I do not get into music with some deep politcal message attached too it. I also am not one of these types that listen to every production nuance of ever song, disecting each note for a meaning. I have friends like that, and I can appreciate what they like, but it is just not me. The pure and simple fact for me is when we are not doing a gig, music is an entertainment escape for me. Tell me a story in 4 minutes and I am happy.

Now, about this list. The criteria is simple: the song either had to be released or an disc that was released in 2010. The song did not actually have to be “officially” released by the label (since most of the time the labels release the wrong songs anyway). These songs in no way reflect the top played songs at our events or have anything to do with the DJ company at all, these are just my personal favorites from the year.

11. Usher DJ Got Us Falling In Love– I really did not pay attention to this song when it first came out. Slowly, we started getting more and more requests for it at events, and it eventually made it’s way onto my Zune, where it has occupied a spot in my favorites spot for a few months now.

10. Katy Perry Teenage Dream – Mrs. Brand had quite a year. A marriage, a top rated disc, one of the most popular songs of the summer and an amazing Rolling Stone cover. But somewhere in between all that, she managed to put out this gem of a song which got completely overshadowed by California Gurls and Fireworks.

9. Nelly Just A Dream – Anyone who knows me knows I am not a rap person at all. I actually detest the genre (yes, I know a strange thing for the owner of a DJ company to say, lol). But Nelly also seems to put out a song that almost changes my mind about the genre. This is a catchy song without having the sexist violent messages most rap has.

8. Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man – First, let me say this song does not work if you are listening to the edited version of it. You MUST listen to the unedited version to really appreciate it. And while this song is a great tune, skip the rest of the disc, it does not come close to this one.

7. Kenny Chesney Live A Little – There is a reason Kenny Chesney pulls in $60 million a year while touring: he knows what people want to hear, and does not try to deviate from it. This song is a perfect example of that.

6. Sara Bareilles King of Anything – This is what a pop song is supposed to be. Catchy vocal with a stong music backing.

5. Taylor Swift The Story Of Us – This is song is like the ugly twin to her hit “Mine”. It pretty much answers the question “what happens if the relationship portrayed in Mine went south”. An honest look at how relationships fail.

4. B.O.B. w/ Haley Williams Airplanes – I have no logical explanation as to why I like this song so much. I have already expressed my views on rap, and I really don’t care for Paramore. But for some reason, this song just works for me.

3. Keith Urban Put You In A Song – I have said for the past couple years now that Mr Kidman is the most under rated guitar player out there today. This is the type of song you just want to turn up real loud and dance around too.

2. Steel Magnolia Just By Being You (Halo and Wings) – I can not remember the last time a duet worked this well and was this powerful. The winners of a CMT talent search a couple years ago are poised to be the break out stars of 2011 (think next years Lady Antebellum).

And my favorite song of 2010:

Miranda Lambert Only Prettier – The current “it” girl of country music comes through strong with this absolute gem of a song. This song is so filled with subtle insults, you actually start to feel sorry for the stuck up villian of a girl that is the target of the barbs. I was hooked the first time I heard it and it is actually the most played song on my Zune in 2010.

Tomorrow – my most disappointing TV shows of 2010.

Only a few days left

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My Worst Movies of 2010

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After looking over the complete list of movies I watched this year, I came to realize that this was a bad bad bad year for movies. My best of list is very thin this year, and some would just be mediocre in most years. It was incredibly hard to sort out the “worst” of the worst from 2010. The films listed below represent the true garbage of the past year. One thing I will state is that only movies which I have actually had the pleasure (or in this case displeasure) of sitting through go on my lists. So yes, I have actually viewed the films below in their entirety, and somehow managed to still remain in a semi-sane awake state. So now I give you my choices for the worst viewing experiences you can have for 2010! (in order of release date)

Youth In Revolt
Extraordinary Measures
When In Rome
From Paris With Love
The Bounty Hunter
Hot Tub Time Machine
Kick Ass
Back Up Plan
Shrek 4
Prince Of Persia
Get Him To The Greek
Johan Hex
Grown Ups
Knight and Day
The Other Guys
Eat Pray Love
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Life As We Know It

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

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Let me just start by saying I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, and do not intend to read any of them until all the movies are made. I made this choice all the way back when the first movie was released because I wanted to go into each movie fresh and without expecting anything. Because of this, I do not have to worry about sitting in the theater comparing the books to the movies.

The latest tale of the bespectled young man and his friends offers a first for me in reviewing movies: its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. By deciding to split the final saga up over two movies, Warner Brothers is counting on the casual fan of the series (like me) to overlook the fact that nothing really happens in this movie. Part 1 is a narrative tale, and nothing more. It is, however, one of the best narrative tales I have ever seen. By deciding to concentrate so much on the “how and why” of what is happening in the story, the director (David Yates) is able to take the view through a stunning visual journey.

The scenery and camera work in this movie are like nothing you have seen in the franchise. Even though the film is light on action (and I do mean LIGHT), you are still captivated by what you are watching onscreen. One reason for this is Daniel Radcliff. He is no longer the goofy twelve year old who started the franchise as the cute little kid on screen. He is now a true actor. Every movement and facial expression he makes is with purpose. While I used to believe he is one of the weak points of the previous films, he now carries this franchise. And once again, you have to believe that he can, because the normally strong supporting cast around him in the other films is not present here. Yes, you still have Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as his partners tasked with searching for the keys to destroying he who shall not be named, but outside of that, the supporting cast is pretty weak.

And thus is the greatness / problem with the movie. Every critism you can lay on it is always one of the reasons it is so good. It would have been nice to surround the three with a stronger supporting cast, but in doing so, Yates would have taken away from the personal interaction the audience feels for them on their journey. More action would been good to see, but it would have taken away from the background needed to understand why Harry and his friends are doing what they are doing. It is hard to tear down something with “what if they would have done this instead” when what Warner Brothers has been on the screen is so enjoyable.

Thus, my problem with rating this movie. As a stand alone piece, it ranks towards the bottom on my list of the films in this franchise, because it really is an unfiinshed movie. Imagine watching only half of any of the Lord Of The Rings movies. That is the feeling you have when walking out of the theater. However, when you look at the film as a piece of the whole story, it is one probably right behind Order of the Phoenix as one of my favorites in the series. Because we finally seen actors act, and finally have the franchise in the hands of a director that knows what to do with it.

This is a strong 3.5 out of 5 for me, and this rating could be raised based on how Part 2 turns out.