My Worst Movies of 2010

In Movie Reviews on December 17, 2010 at 3:46 am

After looking over the complete list of movies I watched this year, I came to realize that this was a bad bad bad year for movies. My best of list is very thin this year, and some would just be mediocre in most years. It was incredibly hard to sort out the “worst” of the worst from 2010. The films listed below represent the true garbage of the past year. One thing I will state is that only movies which I have actually had the pleasure (or in this case displeasure) of sitting through go on my lists. So yes, I have actually viewed the films below in their entirety, and somehow managed to still remain in a semi-sane awake state. So now I give you my choices for the worst viewing experiences you can have for 2010! (in order of release date)

Youth In Revolt
Extraordinary Measures
When In Rome
From Paris With Love
The Bounty Hunter
Hot Tub Time Machine
Kick Ass
Back Up Plan
Shrek 4
Prince Of Persia
Get Him To The Greek
Johan Hex
Grown Ups
Knight and Day
The Other Guys
Eat Pray Love
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Life As We Know It


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