2010 In Review: My Favorite Songs

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I have been doing these year end type charts in one form or another for quite some time now. The original version was done as a company newsletter back in 2000, and it evolved into a podcast for a couple of years, and from here on out it will most likely be in a blog format. This reason I am saying this is because I can not remember a year since I started doing this that I was so disappointed with the rock genre. They was not one great rock songs this year. Not one.

Now, before you start the “oh come on Patrick, my second counsins brother has a great band you need to hear” stuff, understand one thing: I listen to A LOT of music throughout the year. Every week, we receive a disc which has anywhere between 50-70 songs on it for the company, and every single one of those songs is listened too. Then, I get recommendations all the time from Facebook and Twitter friends of “check this band or artist out”, which I will do. Finally, thanks to my Zune Marketplace Pass, I am able to listen to pretty much every disc that comes out each week. So as you can see, I do listen to a lot of music.

However, I listen to music to be entertained and as a form of enjoyment. I do not get into music with some deep politcal message attached too it. I also am not one of these types that listen to every production nuance of ever song, disecting each note for a meaning. I have friends like that, and I can appreciate what they like, but it is just not me. The pure and simple fact for me is when we are not doing a gig, music is an entertainment escape for me. Tell me a story in 4 minutes and I am happy.

Now, about this list. The criteria is simple: the song either had to be released or an disc that was released in 2010. The song did not actually have to be “officially” released by the label (since most of the time the labels release the wrong songs anyway). These songs in no way reflect the top played songs at our events or have anything to do with the DJ company at all, these are just my personal favorites from the year.

11. Usher DJ Got Us Falling In Love– I really did not pay attention to this song when it first came out. Slowly, we started getting more and more requests for it at events, and it eventually made it’s way onto my Zune, where it has occupied a spot in my favorites spot for a few months now.

10. Katy Perry Teenage Dream – Mrs. Brand had quite a year. A marriage, a top rated disc, one of the most popular songs of the summer and an amazing Rolling Stone cover. But somewhere in between all that, she managed to put out this gem of a song which got completely overshadowed by California Gurls and Fireworks.

9. Nelly Just A Dream – Anyone who knows me knows I am not a rap person at all. I actually detest the genre (yes, I know a strange thing for the owner of a DJ company to say, lol). But Nelly also seems to put out a song that almost changes my mind about the genre. This is a catchy song without having the sexist violent messages most rap has.

8. Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man – First, let me say this song does not work if you are listening to the edited version of it. You MUST listen to the unedited version to really appreciate it. And while this song is a great tune, skip the rest of the disc, it does not come close to this one.

7. Kenny Chesney Live A Little – There is a reason Kenny Chesney pulls in $60 million a year while touring: he knows what people want to hear, and does not try to deviate from it. This song is a perfect example of that.

6. Sara Bareilles King of Anything – This is what a pop song is supposed to be. Catchy vocal with a stong music backing.

5. Taylor Swift The Story Of Us – This is song is like the ugly twin to her hit “Mine”. It pretty much answers the question “what happens if the relationship portrayed in Mine went south”. An honest look at how relationships fail.

4. B.O.B. w/ Haley Williams Airplanes – I have no logical explanation as to why I like this song so much. I have already expressed my views on rap, and I really don’t care for Paramore. But for some reason, this song just works for me.

3. Keith Urban Put You In A Song – I have said for the past couple years now that Mr Kidman is the most under rated guitar player out there today. This is the type of song you just want to turn up real loud and dance around too.

2. Steel Magnolia Just By Being You (Halo and Wings) – I can not remember the last time a duet worked this well and was this powerful. The winners of a CMT talent search a couple years ago are poised to be the break out stars of 2011 (think next years Lady Antebellum).

And my favorite song of 2010:

Miranda Lambert Only Prettier – The current “it” girl of country music comes through strong with this absolute gem of a song. This song is so filled with subtle insults, you actually start to feel sorry for the stuck up villian of a girl that is the target of the barbs. I was hooked the first time I heard it and it is actually the most played song on my Zune in 2010.

Tomorrow – my most disappointing TV shows of 2010.


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