Movie Review: Easy A

In Movie Reviews on January 4, 2011 at 3:36 pm

I want you to think back to the last time you saw a movie that really made you laugh that also had some type of redeeming value to it as well. Now think back to the last time you saw a movie that made you laugh that did not use foul language as the main comic vehicle. Having trouble coming up with an answer to either one of these? Then it’s obvious you have not seen Easy A, a surprisingly success film which uses clever writing and outstanding performances from a strong ensemble cast to do something that has not been done in along time: give you laughs the whole (well almost whole) family can enjoy together. I say almost whole family, because at the core of this movie are some very heavy and emotional topics which will bring a barrage of “what is that” questions for viewers under 12.

The story centers around Olive (Emma Stone, in what could be a dark horse Oscar worthy role), your typical high school teenager.. In her words “if Google earth were a guy, it would not be able to find me if I were a ten story building”. So as you see, the typical invisibility syndrome many high schoolers face. Olive has one problem: an incredibly annoying best friend (really the only completely unlikable character in the entire movie). In order to get out of camping with said friend, Olive tells one little white lie. And so her troubles begin.

What follows is not a snowball, but an avalanche of lies which lands Olive reputation as the high school mattress. Of course, the issue is, none of it is true. What started as a little white lie and a favor for a friend turns Olive’s entire world upside down. The film delves heavily into many aspects of high school which go on today. From bullying to technology, the world of the modern high school is put under a glaring microscope.

The cast is absolutely STELLAR. Stanley Tucci is a riot as Olive’s dad, and Thomas Hayden Church (although only in a few scenes), is perfectly cast as the “cool” teacher.

There are a few moments where the movie crawls to slowly, and a few plot points which become tedious (the Amanda Bynes character never does come together properly), but on the whole, the story is strong enough to make an enjoyable weekend family viewing.

A strong 3.5 out of 5 and highly recommended viewing for anyone with a teenager in the house.


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