Movie Review: Morning Glory

In Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 at 6:29 am

A couple reviews back, I did my roadmap to making a good “chick flick” (it was the Letters To Juliet review). The concept and formula is not a hard one to follow, and all the enjoyable, entertaining romantic comedies stick to the basic idea. This movie decided to blaze new territory in the genre, and does so with mixed, unspectacular results.

First let me say Rachel McAdams could have a long and successful career playing this type of character. She is what we saw in Reece Witherspoon 10 years ago. In this movie she comes off as a cute, adorable down to earth every girl type, and because of this, I think most everyone can instantly identify with her character. Her performance is without question and best party of this movie, and what made me want to keep watching.

Diane Keaton seems to be typecast now as the neurotic, older lady who is perpetually pissed off at the world. I really have no problem with this, because she does it so well, but her Chinatown days are far behind her when it comes to any substance or depth to her roles. You know what you are going to get with her, and she does a quality job.

The problem with this movie, and where the movie eventually just falls flat on its face, is with Harrison Ford. The idea of the old time real news reporter becoming the anchor of a Regis and Kelly type show has much promise and could be comedic gold…..but not here. The reason is because Ford is completely unlikable in every sense of the word in this movie. There is NO redeeming value or quality to his character at all. In these feel good, sappy movies, it is hard to root for someone when you have zero desire to see their character succeed in any way.

I don’t think it is just the material Ford was given to work with either (although his character is written HORRIBLY). It is actually his performance that most turned me off. He had the ever present ” I really don’t want to be here and am just doing this for a paycheck” look we see far to often on actors faces these days (think Pacino in 88 Minutes). It is sad to watch such great actors just go through the motions to cash a check, and that is exactly what happens here. Ford had NO business being in this movie, and it shows from the first time he is onscreen (Tom Selleck would have been a much more entertaining choice for the role).

There are other issues I had with this movie too. There is no clear timeline set or followed in the film. The viewer is never given a sense of how much time has passed from scene to scene. There are also some bit players (Jeff Goldblum being one) that never have enough time onscreen. You are left guessing what their job is and why they are important to the overall plot.

1.5 out of 5, would have been even lower if not for McAdams entertaining performance.


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