Movie Review: I Am Number Four

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2011 at 2:04 am

This was one of the films I have been looking forward too since I saw the trailer a couple months ago. The story looked intriguing and the effects looked spectacular in the trailer. I am happy to say, this movie is well worth the money to take an afternoon off and enjoy.

Unlike most sci-fi / action films, which try to weigh the viewer down with some heavy, complicated plot, this film is straight forward and to the point. Bad guys come down from another planet to kill 9 “chosen” good guys from said planet in order. This is laid out in the first five minutes of the movie with voice overs from #4. The rest of the film is #4 trying to hide his powers from us mortals here on earth, #4 hiding from the bad guys, and falling in love. Simple and easy.

Because the plot is so simple, you have rely on the cast to help keep you entertained. And even though there is really no “name” actor in the cast (Timothy Olyphant would be biggest name), everyone does a great job of keeping you engrossed in what is happening onscreen. Normally, I am not a fan of love stories in action films, but in this one it is not forced or contrived. It happens naturally throughout the course of the movie so by the end of the film, you are not rolling your eyes screaming “where did that come from!!”

The star of this movie is the effects and fighting scenes. There are two fight scenes in particular that look absolutely AMAZING on the big screen. And the effects throughout the entire movie are eye catching without being completely and totally over the top. They fit right into the natural progression of the movie and are not just there to be there.

The downside to the movie? At times, the lighting is bad, and the scenes are so dark, you really can’t see what is going on. Also, there are a few small plot gaps (which I won’t go into because it would be a spoiler) that left some “what happened to?” questions in my mind as I was leaving the theater.

3.5 out of 5, all in all an enjoyable movie worth seeing over the other garbage that is currently showing on screens.


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