The Sexiest Female Celebrity Tournament….round 1

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm

So, today on the show, I was joined my buddy Eric for our annual “who is the sexiest female celebrity” tournament. If you have not listened to this episode in years past, here is how it works: we created a list prior to the show of the lovely ladies we want for consideration. Then all the names go into a hat, and we each draw a name out one at a time, and that is how the brackets are determined. This year there was a new twist….we added a few “not so sexy” girls into the hat as well….which did result in a few….well…surprising pairings. Here is how the first round broke down….with who we determined to be the winner in parentheses.

Jordana Brewster vs Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes)
Lea Michelle vs Audrina Patridge (Audrina Patridge)
Hayden Pant. Vs Rebecca Black (Hayden)
Emma Watson vs Julianne Hough (Julianne)
Natalie Portman vs Maggie Gyllenhaal (Natlie Portman)
Kaley Cuoco vs Yoko Ono (Kaley)
Jennifer Lawrence vs Kelly Osbourne (Jennifer Lawrence)
Autum Reeser vs Kathy Griffin (Autum)
Paris Hilton vs Mila Kunis (Mila)
Jessica Alba vs Britney Spears (Jessica Alba)
Eva Mendes vs Cynthia Nixon (Eva Mendes)
Anna Farris vs Hope Dworaczyk (Hope Dworaczyk)
Elisha Cuthbert vs Olivia Munn (Elisha Cuthbert)
Rose McGowan vs Anna Kournikova (Anna Kournikova)
Hillary Duff vs Anna Paquin (Hillary)
Renne Zellwigger vs Lady Gaga (Renne Zellwigger)

you can listen to the full podcast and how it all played out here:


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